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"In principle, take one step at a time, but always think at least one step ahead!"

The above sentence is gaining more and more importance in the modern age of industry 4.0. Everything develops faster, better, safer. In order to ascertain that these criteria are met, more and more certifications are being used as advertising and quality features. Certifications are being regarded as a neutral, competent authority, for instance when constructing a new data center or for its optimization.

Especially in the field of physical security, the data center industry is flooded by an abundance of norms and standards. We are aware of all of them and assist you to identify and target the most important ones to adapt your data center or server room to the ever-increasing technical and organizational requirements. In this context, the European data center standard EN 50600, dedicated to data center infrastructures, in conjunction with certified management systems of standards such as ISO 27001 for IT processes, is considered as state-of-the-art seal of quality for an integrated certification.

For your future-oriented data center it is essential to intelligently link the IT processes (ISO 27001) with the data center infrastructure (DIN EN 50600)!

We would like to provide you with our expertise in these complex technical areas and lead you with intelligence to the certification most suitable for you with the following services:

Preparation and monitoring of the certification process

1. Determination of certification objectives
2. Assistance in the selection of the certification system
3. Creation of a security concept as a basis for certification
4. Coordination during the planning and construction phase
5. Checking/Inspection of certification-relevant aspects
6. Documentation incl. necessary proofs (plans, diagrams/schemes, test certificates etc.)
7. Supervision of the certification process

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