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DCI Data Center Intelligence GmbH

Our guiding principles

The services we provide are based on the maxim of intelligent and independent advice to our customers. Intelligent because we know and implement the new demands on your data center that are entailed by digital transformation, the Internet of Things or Big Data. Independent because we maintain an untainted and neutral position to support our customers in every project with the best possible advice, free from any bias.

We aim to establish our company as one of the leading IT consulting and service providers for data centers and IT locations in Germany.

We are filled with passion and love for your data center, which we express by thinking and acting flexibly and creatively at all times. The human factor and the associated excellent support of our customers are therefore the focus of our attention. Using our expertise together with an intelligent / - digital software tool, we are able to represent complex and often confusing stages in the planning of your date center and IT-infrastructure in a considerably simplified manner.

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DCI Data Center Intelligence GmbH 
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