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The right answer to every question.

Are you planning a new IT location? Would you like to modernize or relocate your existing server room? Are you considering implementing a two- or multi-location strategy for your data center?

Would you like to put your IT location on the test bench, evaluate and analyze it on the basis of current and future EU directives? Do you wish to certify your IT processes or your IT location?

Are you concerned with the question whether it will be economically viable for your company to operate its own data center or own IT in the future and to what extent? You might ask yourself, how much would it cost to build a new data center or rent external space from a data center service provider? Perhaps you are also prompted by the issue of figuring out which applications can be meaningfully moved to "the cloud" and which you should rather operate yourself?

You ask yourself, how the ongoing digitalization might influence your company, specifically regarding the impact on your IT and data center? In which way does it affect your IT and what tasks must your data center be able to handle in the future?

Are you looking for an expert to accompany you during the construction of a data center or to represent you? Are you looking for someone to navigate or manage your project?

Do you require support in the operation of your data center, perhaps with the maintenance of your equipment? Do you lack the necessary documentation, e.g. operating manuals and emergency plans?

Would you like to train and educate yourself or your employees in the field of data centers?

Our team of experts has the right answer to all these questions and many more.

From consulting and planning through support during the construction phase to service and operation of the data center, we are your ideal contact when it comes to highly available IT locations. Digital transformation entails significant changes in the data center environment. New data is created everywhere, accompanied by applications utilizing it, often working in real time. This transforms the way in which we construct, structure and operate future data centers. Owing to our broad knowledge of experienced IT and data center specialists, we consider all aspects, always being aware of their interdependence, to reach top results.

Our aim is to work out the optimal solution for you - on an individual basis. This requires independence and a spirit of openness and transparency. For this reason, our special concern is also one of our core strengths; the ability to advise you independently and neutrally, without the influence of manufacturers and solution providers or other corporate interests!

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